Trondheim Nature and City Hike

Guided Tour Details

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 3 980,- NOK per group

Number of participants: Up to 5 (larger groups upon request)

Sights & Highlights: Ila Bekken, Utsikten (Amazing Viewpoint), The Social Quarter, The Quarter of the Blessed (With Nidaros Cathedral)

Hike up along a beautiful little stream
The tour highlight is the view from utsikten, here to Nidaros cathedral
Experience the Norwegian nature during the guoded tour
The guided tour leads through Hospitalsløkkan, and area with traditional norwegian, small wooden houses.

Take a tour to Trondheim's most amazing view point

Take the chance to leave the city for a short excursion. In this guided tour, we will start in Ila, west of the city center and walk up a romantic trail to one of the city’s most stunning view points – “Utsikten” (Eng.: “The view”). From here you will have the opportunity to get an overview of the whole city and hear some of its exciting stories. Now it is time to walk back into the city to get a closer look at the important sights. This four-hour tour will give you plenty of time to hear the funny and interesting stories of the city and learn something about life in Norway. This tour is particularly nice in the summer, but has its charm also during the flower season in spring or in autumn when falling leaves offer the setting an unbelievable variety of colors.