Trondheim Waterfront Tour

Guided Tour Details

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 1 495,- NOK per group

Number of participants: Up to 10 (larger groups upon request)

Sights & Highlights: New Harbour, Solsiden, Nidaors Cathedral, Old Town Bridge, Historical Wharves, Fjord, Ravnkloa

Enjoy the guided tour along Trondheims channel system
View to Trondheims waterfront at Solsiden
During the tour, there will be stunning view to the river Nidelven
A tour highlight are the historical wharves in Bakklandet

Enjoy The Picturesque Views at Trondheim's Waterfront

Enjoy my most popular guided tour through Trondheim. A picturesque guided tour that will closely follow the waterside which frames Trondheim and its sights. You will discover Trondheim sights from their best angle. As always, I will love to reveal their exciting stories to you. Also, some aspects about Norwegian life will not be left out. Experience both the new and old harbor of Trondheim and the picturesque, colorful wharves that seam the most of Trondheim’s water front. Passing by the old quarter Bakklandet with its cozy, colorful wooden houses, it´s famous Old Town Bridge and the Nidaros Cathedral, we will also stroll through the cities heart and take a glance at the Royal Residence and visit the famous fish harbor and the fish market.

The tour offers great opportunities to take photos of the city’s most beautiful parts.